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Clients Comments

A sure sign that we are doing something right is the constant stream of positive client comments that we recieve thanking our staff for their professionalism and support.

13 November 2018

Hi John,
Thank you very much for the good news. I would also like to thank you so very much for your great help throughout this long process.
I really appreciate all you and your team have done.
God bless.

Daniel Kaseke

12 July 2018

Hi Janice,
That's good news, thanks for this.
And thank you Nicolette for all your hard work as ever!


9 July 2018

Many thanks Nicolette, John and your team.
Great news for us! What a relief!


14 May 2018

Hi Nicolette,
Hope you are doing very well!
Thanks again for your dedicated work and the great news in regards to our granted partner visa.


07 May 2018

Oh my word. Thank you so much Isha for you and your entire teams help.
Iam very grateful.
That was quick.

Vimbai Chocho

25 March 2018

Thank you so so much for this great news Isha.
We have been waiting almost a year and now we are very happy to get this email from you.
Thank you once again and we wish we will receive another golden email very soon.

Dang Quoc Tuan Nguyen

18 January 2018

Hi Isha
Thank you for the tremendous help on our journey to get an Australian permanent residence.
This was honestly the best news I've heard in a long time.
I hope you and your team have a great 2018.
Best regards

Mehrdad and family

21 December 2017

Dear Isha,
What a big Xmas gift you have given to me and my family!
You are the one who convinced me that my case may get through ... to be honest I had little hope considering the stricter control on migration, 457 visas and so forth.
Then there are the medical conditions of my son ... heart throbbing every single day.
This is like a miracle ... and you made that miracle happen!
Big thanks once again Isha,


27 November 2017

Hi Nicolette and John,
Did not expect a quick turn around with the result.
Many thanks for your support given from the beginning.
Will be in touch.
Kind regards,

Prabath Gunathilake

01 November 2017

Hi Nicolette,
Many thanks to your team.
Much appreciation.
Have a good day.

Tok Wee Hian

09 October 2017

Hi Nicolette,
That's great news indeed!
Thank you very much.
Many thanks to John and the IMS team.


24 August 2017

Hey Isha,
Thanks so much for your help.
It really means a lot to me.


09 August 2017

Good Morning Nicolette,
Thank you very much for your good news.
That approval was quick!
Thanks and Regards,

Seah G.S.

24 July 2017

Dear Gisella,
It's a wonderful news indeed.
Thank you very much for your hard work in pulling this through.
On behalf of William, I would like to thank you and your team for the patience and efforts.
Thanks and regards,


21 July 2017

Dear John,
I can't explain the feeling at the minutes I read your email.
Thank you so much for your time helping my husband.
Could you please help me to apply for PR!
Thank you again!


28 June 2017

Thank you very much Isha!
Thank you to entire IMS team.
I am so excited to hear this great news ...
I will surely recommend your services to others.
God bless you all.


9 May 2017

Hi Nicolette!
I am so sorry I really wanted to call you today to screech excitement in your ear!
Thank you so much for all of your help, I honestly appreciate it so much!
You were perfect to have help keep me sane during everything.

I will highly recommend your services to anyone who asks! You were more than
lovely and I can tell you have a fantastic future doing what you are doing!

Warmest regards,

Kjerstin Whiteley

9 May 2017

Hi Gisella,
Thank you very much.
Hopefully I will be able to engage with IMS's services again in the near future.


24 April 2017

Hi Abigaile,
We are so happy and pleased that finally our applications have been approved.
We would like to say a big thank you to you and John for all the help and we really
appreciate it!
Once again thank you for all your hard work!


24 April 2017

Dear Gisella,
Thank you for your email. I am glad to know I have been accepted.
I am very happy with the services that you have provided and I will
be looking forward to using your services again.

Jie Woon

19 April 2017

Hey Isha,
Thank you very much for your assistance.
I appreciate your hard work.
You don't know what this Permanent Residency means to me and my family.
I don't have more words to say ...

Parminder Singh

05 April 2017

Dear Isha,
You are the best. You helped me a lot! I couldn't pay you enough for your efforts.
God bless you and thank you

Jaswinder Kang

05 April 2017

Thank you Isha,
We very much appreciate the work of Interglobal Migration Services.
Elenita just came into my office after you contacted her and I still have a lump in my throat!
Kindest Regards

Nico Van Rooyen

05 April 2017

Fantastic! Thanks John and Nicolette for everything!

Joyce and Kian Wee

24 February 2017

Dear Isha,
Thank you so much! This is amazing news.
Thank you guys for all your help!


24 February 2017

Hi Nicolette,
That's wonderful news, thank you very much!
Thanks as ever for all your help and for making the process so smooth.
Have a lovely weekend.


17 February 2017

Dear Gisella,
Thank you very much for your assistance on making this application a success!
I'll keep a hard copy of this record and will definitely let you know if further assistance is required.
Thanks again for providing us your professional service.
Have a great year,

Ryan and Eileen

25 January 2017

Hi Abigail,
Many thanks for your help and your team's support with my visa case.
Wish you guys all the best!
Kind regards,

Tiffany and Phuong

24 January 2017

Dear John,
I hope you are having a great day so far.
I'm writing to you to commend your staff member Gisella.
She has been a great help and a super efficient personnel.
I am definitely grateful to you for assigning such a knowledgeable,
helpful and patient individual to help out with our migration works.
She is definitely an asset to your company and the best I've come across.
P.S., thank you Gisella. Keep it up and get us there soon! :)


23 January 2017

Hi Lauren,
Thank you for letting us know.
You have been great so thank you for your service in the past years.
We wish you well.

Vivian and Van Lam

29 November 2016

Dear John, Dear Abi,
On behalf of Fadhil and his family we would like to thank you for all your efforts.
We appreciate all the hard work!
Looking forward to meeting you soon with Fadhil!
Thank you and warmest regards.

Afeef Al-Gailani

04 November 2016

Hi Abigail,
Thank you so much for all your help and patience.
It's worth the wait no matter what.
Your thoroughness and dedication to assist us has been a great support.
Thank god for his blessings and love for us.
I will be waiting for the email from you and talk soon.


29 August 2016

Hi Lauren,
Hope you are fine.
Thanks for all the help filling out my visa and getting it approved.
I don't have the words to thank you.
Do you like chocolates?
If you do I will bring chocolates for you when I'm there.

Amrinder Singh

25 August 2016

Dear Isha and John,
Thank you for sending good news and congrats to you also for one more success!
Thanks to all IMS team mates.

Harish Khatri and family

23 August 2016

Thanks a million John!! It is indeed a good morning :)
Best regards

Lian and Nick

7 July 2016

Abi and All,
This is good news.
Thanks a bunch and the Good Lord.
Will need to start planning now ... it is a pleasant surprise and unexpected this soon.
The plan was start of school year next year 2017 but now there's this news to make adjustments.
In fact we are in Sydney now for a week visiting daughter number two.
Thanks again Abi, Isha and John.


6 July 2016

Hi Abi,
I am delighted to hear the news and have been eagerly waiting for this.
Glad it's now official.
Likewise, it was a pleasure working with you.
Thank you so much.

Chokmun Soong

5 July 2016

Hi Jasmine/Dee,
Thank you very much for your lovely service Dee in your prompt response and thinking for your customer.
I have enjoyed having you helping me. I also feel very lucky to have you.
Thank you very much Jasmine in talking to me very patiently and showing me around your place.
You two are lovely!
All the best and thank you all!
With Regards


30 June 2016

Hi Nicolette,
Thanks for the good news and your service :)
Job well done!
Best Regards,

Janet Wong

29 June 2016

Hi Abigaile,
Thank you so much for your efficiency and effort.
Your strictness and helpfulness appreciated.
All the best


24 June 2016

Dear Nicolette,
Thank you very much for your assistance in our application.
This calls for a celebration.

Teng Keen, Pang and Kiang, Siang, Yap

22 June 2016

Good afternoon Nicolette,
Thank you so much!
I am so thrilled at the moment, thanks once again for the effort that all of you put in for the past three years!
Have a great day!
Best regards,